Massage Therapy

Neuro Muscular Massage Therapy is provided in our office to reduce spasms and hypertonic muscles that can reduce mobility and function. 

We incorporate massage with our other therapies and find that with more relaxed muscles we can achieve better spinal adjustments

We recommend massage therapy in coordination with exercise rehabilitation to reduce the discomfort associated with initiating rehab exercises. 

We recommend N-M Massage when a patient has been in a car accident or other injury, to ensure the muscle fibers are aligned, not disrupted, minimizing scar tissue formation during the healing phase. 

Overall, we find that using N-M Massage in coordination with other therapies helps to maximize the effectiveness of our treatment. It's also pleasant and appreciated by our patients.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I went to Dr Klonel 20 years ago after a car accident. I loved the happy faces. So when my teenage daughter developed back pain, he was the first one I thought of. Not only did he remember me after all this time, but he and the entire staff were full of the smiles that are warm and comforting. My daughter is now pain free and loves going to see them."
    Denise S.
  • "Dr Klonel and his staff are truly invested in your recovery. I was in a bad car accident and was referred to Dr Klonel by my doctor. From the initial visit he really took the time to know your history and problems. His staff is courteous and friendly always making you feel comfortable. I recommend Dr Klonel to Anyone who suffers from pain or injuries as he will see that you get the care And attention you need."
    Brittany L.